Welcome to the official site for Philip Proctor’s candidacy for Licking County, Ohio Municipal Court Judge.  

If you read the Newark Advocate over the last few years, or searched Google on “Phil Proctor for judge”, you no-doubt noticed the headlines and search engine results, “Newark Attorney Suspended from Practice”.

You might ask “Why would Philip Proctor, an attorney who had his law license suspended, consider running for judge?”.

But you also will surely ask; “Why should I vote for someone who had his law license suspended?”

Within this site you will learn more about the man who felt that a standing judge was violating the Judicial Canons of Ethics, and decided to take the risk of reporting the judge.

This year, the voters of Licking County will have the unique opportunity to elect a judge who spoke out even though it meant losing his license to practice law for 6 months.

After this experience, Phil decided he would run for judge to offer his perspective to the people and to offer his openness to the needs of the citizens of Licking County. Spend a few minutes getting to know Phil before you cast your vote and we think you will agree that Phil Proctor is a person of character and conviction who offers a refreshing attitude to this position.

Here you will also learn of Phil’s 30+ years of practice experience.  You will see that Philip and his family have strong and long-time ties to Licking County. You will see Phil’s views and learn that he believes deeply in the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions, and that he will serve the people of Licking County. He is so passionate about this that he promises to stitch “We the People” onto his robe or prominently display it in his courtroom once elected. [Read why Phil has adopted “We the People” as his campaign mantra on the “Phil’s Views” page.]

You can read all about Philip from his years growing up in a rural Iowa town, his life in Ohio since the 80’s, his service to Senior Citizens, about how he and his wife, Nancy, are raising an autistic child, his work at the Heath Lowe’s Home Improvement store for six years while practicing law, and his years of experience as a dedicated private practice attorney. You will learn all these things and more about this loyal and dedicated attorney-turned-candidate, and

Your Next Municipal Court Judge

Be sure to contact Phil to let him know your thoughts, or to volunteer for helping with his campaign.

He will work hard for YOU and ALL the families of Licking County.